Following the devastating news of yet another school shooting in the United States, residents of Magoulitsa in Karditsa, Greece have been left shocked to discover one of their own was the perpetrator.

“We’re lost for words. We did not expect this,” president of the Magoulitsa community, Costas Spanos told Reuters.

“We’re in shock. We’re a small community and this makes us look very bad.”

Armed with a shotgun and handgun, Greek American Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire at Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday, the 17-year-old killing nine students and a teacher.

His father Antonios Pagourtzis settled in the US from Greece in his 20s, and continues to visit his hometown of Magoulitsa annually. A small village with a population of just over 500, the family was well-known among locals; according to one resident, who requested to remain anonymous, the Pagourtzis family are known to be “peaceable people, focused on work, business-minded”, adding that Antonios “never caused trouble”.

While Dimitrios did not visit the village as frequently as his father, he was known amongst residents as quiet, and “showed good upbringing”, a long-time local said. “I saw them around. They were good people.”

The weapons used by Dimitrios are believed to have been legally purchased by his father.

He was denied bail after being charged with capital murder and aggravated assault on a public servant.

The mass shooting is considered to be the fourth-deadliest to be carried out at a US public school.