Greece’s former defense minister and PASOK party member Akis Tsochadzopoulos, was released from Athens’ Korydallos Prison on Tuesday following his request for a revocation of his 19 year sentence.

The ex-minister was convicted in 2013 for corruption, however, citing “aggravated health issues” he was granted an early release on Monday by a panel of five Supreme Court judges.

His conviction five years ago was part of the country’s most vile money laundering political scandal, that built up a six-million euro case, one of the biggest political corruption cases in Europe.

Specifically, his imprisonment was on the grounds of illegally acquired gains over a submarine and TOR M1 missile system contract including several counts of bribery.

“I am not at my best. I need to take care of myself,” the 79-year-old the told reporters waiting outside the prison, according to Kathimerini.

“I would like to thank my wife above all, who throughout this entire time, alone and despite abandoned by everyone – acquaintances, friends and others – kept up the fight and ensured the best possible outcome,” he added

Tsochadzopoulos’ wife, Vicky Stamati, was also granted early release last year from her eight-year sentence for money laundering.