Jonathan Jackson, has won well-over 20 awards for his acting, five of which Emmy Awards for his iconic portrayal of Lucky Spencer on the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Jackson is also known for the movie The Deep End of the Ocean and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights as well as TV series the likes of One Tree Hill, Twilight Zone and Nashville.

The popular Hollywood star also fronts indie rock band band Enation which he formed with his brother and his best friend.

In the spring of 2012, Jackson released a book of poetry under the pen name J. S. Jackson, titled ‘Book of Solace and Madness’ which became a bestseller but it was only a fore-teller of the direction his spiritual life and career as an author would take.

In June he started discussing his then soon-to-be-released book ‘Acting in the Spirit’, which dove into the connection between his new found Eastern Orthodox faith and his acting career.

In the 2012 Emmy Awards ceremony, where the famous actor received a Daytime Emmy Award, he thanked the Holy Trinity as well as the monks on Orthodox monastic enclave Mount Athos.

He later explained in an interview, “These people [are] dedicating their lives to prayer, and not just praying for themselves, but truly praying for all of us,” and announced that all his family had been baptised Christian Orthodox.

“And then the thought kind of crossed my mind: with all the destruction, chaos and insanity that goes on in this world, if their prayers weren’t happening, what would this world be like? I felt personally like I just wanted to thank them because I really believe that their prayers mean a lot,” he added.

In November 2014, Jackson released his third book ‘The Mystery of Art: Becoming an Artist in the Image of God’ where he also delved into his relationship with Mount Athos.

Fast forward to Tuesday, Jackson paid Holy Mount Athos another visit, this time accompanied by his 8-year-old son on Tuesday, to offer one of his Emmy Awards to the Vatopedi Monastery, reports

He offered the golden award to honour the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and attended all services with his son before receiving a blessing by Abbot Efraim.

Jackson also visited the Xenophontos and Simonopetra Monasteries finally offering the precious effigy to Metropolitan Bishop Atlantas Alexios.

Meanwhile, Greek TV Channel reported that the star is writing a film about Elder Joseph the Hesychast, (1897-1959) a Mount Athos monk set to be filmed in Mount Athos and Paros island where the main character grew up.

Joseph the Hesychast instigated the revival of six out of 20 twenty monasteries on Mount Athos while he is regarded as the spiritual father of Elders Ephrem of Philotheou, Joseph of Vatopedi, Charalampus of Dionysiou and other Greek Orthodox religious figures.