Greek authorities have managed to lift the veil on one of the greatest crime syndicates in the country to date.

A gold-smuggling business that had been operating for at least three years, trafficking melted gold and silver to the Turkish black markets, was finally brought to light with 59 people found to have close ties to the organisation swiftly arrested.

The pawn shops owned by TV persona Dimitris Rihardos Milonas, more commonly known as Rihardos, would buy the jewellery at a price they would determine and that differed to that set by global stock markets.

The metals would then be melted into plaques and transferred over the border via tourist buses by a Syrian or a Turkish-Armenian who seemed to be leading figures within the organisation.

More often than not, the drivers of these buses would be paid for their services.

A total of 80 people are said to be involved in the case according to a file created by police.

Authorities also confiscated a large quantity of jewellery, gold, silver, cash and armed weaponry during their search.

Rihardos is reported to have been arrested at his home in the Saronida area.

This is not the first time he has had a run in with authorities in Greece, also arrested in 2013 during an investigation conducted by the Financial Police Office with the case even reaching Parliament.