The municipality of Athens has hosted a very special Christmas lunch on Monday, offering a hearty meal to over 2,000 homeless citizens.

The feast took place at 13:00 at the indoors stadium of Rouf where more than 12,000 food portions were offered to Athenians living below the poverty line.

The initiative was organised by the municipality’s Reception and Solidarity Centre of the municipality of Athens in an effort to help people have a better Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, the City of Athens announced on Wednesday it has opened a heated venue for the homeless to find shelter during the cold temperatures streak.

A group of teams from the city’s Reception and Solidarity Center near Omonia Square have organised visits in different areas of Athens where the homeless seek refuge to inform them about the venue and deliver blankets and hot beverages.

The designated venue is located at 66 Sophocleous Street and will remain open until 29 December at 10 in the morning, Kathimerini reports.