HACCI, a business body for the Hellenic Australian Community, has announced an alliance with Just Gold Digital Agency to showcase Hellenic Australian innovation and entrepreneurship to audiences around the globe.

The collaboration with Just Gold is expected to help strengthen bilateral trade relationships between Greece, Australia and the diaspora – HACCI’s main goal. As a multifaceted organization, HACCI works with business, Greek and Australian governments and the community at large. It gives members a forum to meet, interact and exchange knowledge and ideas through hosted and co-sponsored functions, events, investment seminars, trade delegations and conferences.

Just Gold is the agency that connects Greece, Cyprus and Australia. The agency gives life to ideas, projects and existing brands using a #digitalfirst approach. The goal will be to create a holistic digital communication strategy that would allow HACCI to achieve a greater online reach.

Just Gold CEO Kyriakos Gold is pleased with the alliance. “We must redefine what brain gain means for Greece,” he said. “HACCI hosts game changing events featuring brilliant minds and exquisite speakers with rich experience throughout the year. We are ready to take these events to the world.”

With over half a million Greeks having left Greece looking for opportunities around the globe during the last decade, the potential is enormous.

“We cannot expect all of those professionals to go back,” Mr Gold said. “We must redefine ‘brain gain’ and what success for Greeks and Greece looks like, focusing on the interactive relationship of global digital audiences of Hellenic background. Our goal is to drive investment and knowledge connecting them with Australia, Greece Cyprus and the world.”

HACCI Chair Georgegina Poulos is also pleased to be teaming up with Just Gold. By working together HACCI and Just Gold hope to deliver their message to global audiences, building synergies and an online community. “Our key focus areas are to continue to attract new members and subscribers, establish new corporate partnerships and strategic alliances,” she said.

HACCI will co-design a new communications strategy with Just Gold, who will also manage the online community that will complement HACCI’s activities, bringing like-minded businesses and professionals together in the digital space to share knowledge, experience and explore further synergy opportunities. Just Gold will develop online audiences for existing structures and HACCI activities and give local, national and international audiences.