Eurostat released its latest unemployment figures for the European Union.

Greece continued its reign as the champion of joblessness with 18.6 per cent unemployment in October 2018, followed by Spain (14.3 per cent) and Italy (10.3 percent). The statistics were worse for Greek women, with 23.1 per cent listed as unemployed as opposed to 15.1 per cent of men.

It was not all doom and gloom however, because Greece also noted the largest decrease to its unemployment rate that dropped from 21 per cent to 18.6 per cent since October 2017.

The average unemployment rate for the euro area was 7.9 per cent, more than half the rate of Greece’s unemployment stats.

Greek youth unemployment is still the highest in the European Union at 38.5 per cent in October 2018.

The European member states with the lowest unemployment rates in December 2018 were recorded in Czechia (2.1 per cent), Germany (3.3 per cent) and Poland (3.5 per cent).

Australia’s unemployment rate inched to 5 per cent in December 2018.