“It’s a bit boring being single,” single 30-year-old Andonis Bexevanis, said.

But the Greek Australian said it’s also fun since you “get to do whatever you want.”

He uses dating apps and goes out to bars but hasn’t tried speed dating.

“It may be a bit more difficult if you’re looking for someone to have a family and settle down,” he said.

But he said he’s not specifically looking for Greek girls.

“Greek girls aren’t any different from others they just tend to be family orientated usually and immature for what I want,” he said.

In the world of Greek speed dating, however, the sentiments are a little bit different.

Mark Andrews, host of We Click Speed Dating events, said while many Australian-born Greeks are very keen to attend the Greek speed dating events, what he found particularly surprising was how many non-Greeks wanted to join the events to meet Greeks.

“Guests would email me to ask if they could also join,” Mr Andrews said.

“We have had Australian-born girls request to come to the event because they found Greek guys attractive.”

“In their requests they said they were ‘into Greek guys.’”

“An Australian girl with an Italian background wanted to join and she said she preferred dating Greek guys over Italian guys. She mentioned it was like dating an Italian guy minus all the baggage.”

Marie Constantinou who is in her 30s and single said Greek guys are different to Anglo Saxons and even continental Europeans.

“My Greek boyfriends, although vastly different in personalities all shared some commonalities. They didn’t bother worrying about the small things like if I was late,” she said.

“It’s like having a good time was the priority, not what time we got there.”

“Anglo guys I dated weren’t affectionate or were afraid to be affectionate in public. The Greek guys had no shame, no matter where we were. I like that.”

While she said she is not exclusively looking for Greek guys, Ms Constantinou admits it is a huge bonus.

“Just the idea of both our families potentially getting along is appealing. Especially the religious holidays and traditions,” she said.

“It’s nice to share something so personal like the dying of eggs when you both have done it since kids.”

Ms Constantinou said it’s being able to date someone who understands her more as well as someone who grew up and spent time in similar social circles makes it so much easier.

Being picky about ethnicity can actually yield better results when you’re looking for a good date.

Mr Andrews said it’s because ethnic-specific dating events for instance, like the Greek Speed Dating, have a smaller pool so guests gave it more of a shot instead of treating everyone as being “replaceable”.

“This was an interesting word which always stuck with me. A young male guest told me that when I hosted recently,” Mr Andrews said.

“He said because the girls he was dating at the event were more ‘rare’, single and in his ethnic group, he wanted to give it more of a chance as finding the same types of girls on dating apps was harder.”

But dating can just be tricky and with just over 24 per cent of the population being single, embracing the single life is becoming an increasingly attractive option.

Said Ms Constantinou: “Within the last two years I’ve relished my personal time and decided if I was going to be single, I’m going to be happy and single and fill my time with new things.”

Ms Constantinou said she used to feel pressure, particularly from her family.

“I’m the only daughter of my folks so it was common to feel guilty about not giving them grandkids as they got older.”

“Although I still wish I had gotten a family, I don’t bother dwelling on it anymore. Why torture myself?”