A Cypriot student has been sacked from writing at Durham University’s philosophy journal in the UK just three days after taking on the assistant editor position after his activities on Twitter were deemed to be transphobic.

Angelos Sofocleous, aged 24,  was also banned from participating on the panel of a ‘free speech’ event due to take place at the University of Bristol. The students’ union said that the ban was implemented due to ‘security concerns’.

The inflammatory Twitter, said: “Women don’t have penises”.

He justified the Tweet by stating that he only wanted to start a debate.

The students union said that it was “committed to freedom of speech”, however were also concerned that “security would be needed” for the event to run smoothly.

Sofocleous wrote about his worries concerning the ban: “This censorship and tendency for banning raises big implications about the aims of the groups or institutions who advance such tactics. What’s more, it’s obvious that this fear of debate is only getting worse on Britain’s campuses. After all, nothing could provide a more ironic indication of the current status of social justice orthodoxy in academia than preventing a speaker from talking at an event on ‘free speech on campus’.”