Greek lawmakers reopened the discussion on WWII reparations from Germany following a report from 2016. The decision comes following the meeting of a committee of experts that calculated the total cost of war damages at 289 billion euros.

The report is being debated in parliament, with Greek Speaker Nikos Voutsis stating that parliament will approve renewed bids for German war reparations. He told Kathimerini that the reason why the report is discussed two years after it was submitted is that the government did not want it to appear that it was trading off its debts to international creditors with compensation claims.

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Germany has already rejected the notion of reparations for damage caused to Greece during WWII, that also included a forced loan to the German Reich. It considers the matter to have ended with the signing of the Treaty on the Final Settlement signed in 1990 which laid the foundation for the reunification of Germany.

In 1960, the German government had agreed to pay Greece 115 million marks.