Building social cohesion while helping ethnic communities flourish feature on top of the stated list of priorities for Liberal candidate for Barton, Pramej Sherstha.

Being the first candidate of Nepalese descent to stand in a federal election, Mr Sherstha says he has a deep understanding and appreciation of the contribution migrant communities have made and continue to make in the country.

“Our migrant heritage is an enduring source of strength, prosperity and cultural vibrancy, ” he said.

Acknowledging Greek migrants are among those who helped build the nation, he stressed his commitment to engage with the local Greek community in his electorate, as well as fight to address their specific needs.

“I believe Barton reflects modern Australia and I love the diversity of the community.

“Our plan to keep Australians together includes practical programs that build social cohesion by connecting diverse communities to Australian society and to the workforce,” he added.

Mr Shrestha grew up locally and is a business graduate from the Australian Catholic University.

A pressing issue for his electorate, he claims, is ensuring that local business owners and hard-working families enjoy the support they need.

“Τhe main issue raised by voters at pre-poll was that they feel that Barton has been forgotten over the past three years.

“Small and medium businesses make up over half of our economy and employ two-thirds of our workforce.

“They really are the heart of our economy. In Barton alone 22,783 small and medium businesses are benefiting from tax relief legislated by the government.”

According to the Liberal candidate, a re-elected Morrison government will facilitate growth for local businesses by establishing a dedicated fund providing $100 million in funding and partnering with financial institutions to enhance equity financing to small businesses.

“The Fund will aim to expand to $1 billion as it matures,” Mr Shrestha added.