The 93rd global celebration of International Children’s Day is marked on 1 June!

A major challenge of our times is for children of the diaspora to retain their heritage in the form of their language, customs, and traditions.

Ellinopoula is an app created for Greek kids of the diaspora thanks to a California-Athens collaboration. Its mission is to aid Greek schools and parents around the world hoping to keep alive the Greek culture and language.

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The unique e-learning platform is designed to make Greek language learning exciting for kids. It incorporates fun games, engaging videos, and thousands of interactive educational activities based on Greek mythology, history, and culture. The platform assists parents and teachers with tools that enable them to monitor each kid’s, or class’s learning progress. It is enhanced with a step-by-step learning process, tailored to each student. Its speech recognition software allows children to practice speaking Greek at home, while its award-winning illustrations, and original content are steeped in Greek culture.
To mark International Children’s Day, Ellinopoula is offering a 30 per cent discount on all sign-ups running from 1 June to 7 June. Just enter the promo code “jun1kids”.

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Ms Anna Sakkis, CEO of Ellinopoula, stated “International Children’s day is a day to celebrate and reflect on our family members’ childhoods and those of our own kids. It is a day to let our children know that there are other children facing hardships all over the world, perhaps the types of hardships our parents – our kids’ grandparents – endured for us to have better opportunities in life. It also serves as a reminder for us to stay dedicated to passing on Hellenism and the gift of the Greek language to diaspora kids.”

Ellinopoula’s curriculum is designed according to guidelines issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Education. The platform is available at, on Google Play and Apple store, and at select Greek education institutions worldwide. Ellinopoula is certified KidSafe.