Australian audiences are getting the chance to explore an often unseen side of Mykonos from the comfort of their homes this month.

Award-winning documentary ‘Mykonos: The Other Side’ by Greek Australians Billy Cotsis and Basil Genimahaliotis will screen on Foxtel on Wednesday 19 June.

The film sets out to present life on the island beyond the thriving party scene, and features a number of locals and internationals who call Mykonos home, including a group of Australians who live and work there. Their personal narratives, commitment to the island and the challenges that come with trying to make ends meet in a struggling economy, show viewers a reality few tourists get to see.

“We try to present a series of chapters, and there is no escaping the party, [but] once we eliminate the fun part, we get to unpack what Mykonos is: the island of culture, a thriving economy, architecture, the arts, hidden gems and ‘characters’ on the stage that is Mykonos,” Cotsis told Neos Kosmos ahead of the premier last year.

Among those featured are film director Antonis Theocharis Kioukas, American author Jeffery Siger, actress Anta Paparapti, Gege Silva the Drag Queen, Anna Moskalova from Hair Lab, and Nicholas Theodoridis from Vegera by the old harbour.

Viewers will be treated to a special double screening, followed by the filmmakers’ documentary ‘Lesvos: Fall in Love’.

Filmed across Mykonos, Delos, Athens, Lesvos, London and Sydney, both works bring the audience unique stories and local culture.

“As independent filmmakers and self-funders, we are proud to present these and just as proud to do our bit for Greece,” Cotsis said.

Meanwhile the screening of ‘Mykonos: The Other Side’ is particularly special for the filmmakers, who have dedicated it to the memory of their late friend, the King of Mykonos, Chris ‘Tekno’ Manos. The Greek Australian, who also features in the documentary, was widely known for entertaining party-goers over the span of 25 years and unexpectedly passed away late last year.

Both Cotsis and Genimahaliotis have been hard at work in the meantime, with a new collection lined up about Magna Graecia, due to be released later this year and into 2020.

Watch the trailer for ‘Mykonos: The Other Side’ below:

When: Wednesday 19 June, 2019 @ 6.30 pm
Where: On Foxtel Aurora 173