When it comes to producing power the environmentally friendly way, Greece is ahead of the game.

Greece has been recognised as one of 10 countries in the world that is producing over 20 per cent of the country’s total electric energy from solar and wind power, according to the Renewables 2019 Global Status Report (GSR) released this week.

The other countries include Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the UK, Uruguay and Honduras.

“With countries having to set more ambitious climate goals in 2020, this report shows that there are several opportunities to boost action and improve people’s lives by expanding energy transition throughout the economy,” said Arthuros Zervos, president of international policy network REN21, which is dedicated to building a sustainable energy future with renewables.

The GSR, first published in 2005, is now in its 15th year and has become the industry standard when it comes to the renewable energy sector, giving a comprehensive overview of what is happening.

The annual report is created using data and information from over 900 contributors world-wide.