News that Giannis Antetokounmpo was named NBA’s most valuable player was welcomed by our readers. Most accepted the player as a proud Greek:

Angela Krashos A worthy Greek citizen. He makes a mockery of those who believe Greece is only for Greeks (whatever that means….)👏⭐️🇬🇷

Costa Loucopoulos They ARE Greek – what great Greeks.

Eleni Vlemmas-Kandias Such a great sportsman and role model! Just a reminder that we should never give up on trying to pursue our dreams no matter what our struggles are.

Mary Salatas Such a beautiful and humble person….aim for the stars Giannis!!!

George Tsingos A very deserving recipient! Continued success.

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Trevor Paterson Too much of exaggeration. Just an African migrant who made it after fleeing poverty, leaving millions of his kind back in their misery, using all the advantages Europe and the USA offer. He doesn’t share neither blood/ancestry eg. phenotype neither history – both glory and defeat with the rest of us Greeks. I’d never feel proud because of him, like I’d never be proud of an Albanian migrant who after coming to Greece may cook the best mousaka in town.

Paul Anastasopoulos Champion and gentleman, and pays respect to where he is today by thanking those that have helped him to get to where he is today – and that’s not even mentioning all that hard work done by him! Other sports stars could take note … not naming names.

Vicky Vittoratos So proud of this Greek young man!!!

George Tsingos A very deserving recipient! Continued success.

Kallimachos Savvas Grigoropoulos What a beautiful human being Giannis is!

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Panagiotis Litsas (translated) Whatever he did, he did for himself. And I respect that totally. I’m indifferent to it. My life didn’t change for better or worse. He is a worthy child of Nigeria.

Kika Mela (translated) He was born in Greece. He grew up in Greece. Greece is the only country he knew. Therefore a worthy child of Greece. He is an inspiration and role model for us all, and especially for youngsters. Therefore, yes, life with such worthy people always changes for the better.

Nektaria Tsapaki Congratulations Gianni! You make us proud! My son will never forget greeting you in Crete last summer!