The conservative New Democracy Party has a clear mandate to govern with 40 per cent of the tally and 158 deputies, according to predictions of the Internal Affairs Ministry with 82.29 per cent of the votes counted.

At 22.45 pm Sunday (Greek time), with just 79.12 per cent of the votes counted, the Internal Affairs Ministry announced that Golden Dawn would not be represented in Parliament as it teetered beneath the 3 per cent threshold needed for a seat. The extreme right party, described as a neo-Nazi group, suffered a devastating defeat as Greek voters reversed a trend towards extreme-right politics that has been prevalent in other countries.

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The results of the polling with 82.29 per cent of the votes counted are as follows.

New Democracy – 39.2 per cent

Radical Left SYRIZA – 31.59 per cent

KINAL – 7.90 per cent

Greek Communist Party KKE – 5.37 per cent

Greek Solution – 3.74 per cent

MeRA 25 – 3.49 per cent

Golden Dawn – 2.96 per cent

Singular Logic’s Vice President John Theodoropoulos said that there would be six parties in Parliament.

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