Greek-Italian fashion duo Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci pushed the industry’s boundaries for diversity with their Melbourne Fashion Week runway held on the 85th floor of Eureka Tower offering 360-degree views of the city, through the Open House program.

At 200 metres above ground, internationally acclaimed designer label Strateas.Carlucci took the concept of ‘inclusivity’ to new heights as the media dubbed, by advocating for age, gender and body diversity.

“Staging a show 85 floors above Melbourne was too good an opportunity to show people something new in the city,” Peter Strateas told The Age.

On the catwalk, modelling the duo’s creations the audience saw Carlucci’s 85-year-old grandfather, Benito Capasso, as well as his 10-year-old son.

Source: Fashion Journal

With the brand’s designs being unisex, models of all sexes were seen wearing the garments; the same applied to body types and height.

“Our clothes are driven by a concept not just the perfect model wearing it,” Strateas.Carlucci said.

“We find perfection in imperfection.”

The duo launched their label back in 2013 and since winning the 2014 National Designer Award they have been taking the fashion world by storm.

Source: Fashion Journal/Duval Agency Instagram

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