Dr Kostas Vlasis, New Democracy MP in the regional unit of Arcadia, Peloponnese, has been appointed the new Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister responsible for Greeks Abroad following the resignation of Antonis Diamataris on 5 December.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is said to have a special respect for the abilities of Mr Vlasis, who despite the age of 44 has managed to showcase skills in both the academic and political arenas.

An orthopaedic surgeon by profession, Dr Vlasis graduated from Athens University and earned a doctorate from the Descriptive Anatomy Laboratory at the University of Athens Medical School in 2005 and his Masters Degree Program was in Health Science Management and Administration. Following his studies, he went on to hold lecturing roles in the university’s School of Medicine. Since 2016 he has been an associate professor at the university, whereas he held a number of academic titles prior to that.

While still a student, he was a member of the Scientific Company for Medical Students (1994-1997), Hellenic Medical Students International Committee (HelMSIC, 1997-2000) and a founding member of the Scientific Club of Students of Medicine and Young Doctors. He has published many scientific articles that have been published by scientific journals and have been referenced in international bibliography.

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A member of the conservative New Democracy’s political committee in the health sector since 2010 until today, he is held with high regard within the party following his success during two elections since 2015, particularly in the last July elections.

During his political tenure, he had been appointed secretary of the ND cabinet, and was a rapporteur of a number of important bills. He has shown particular interest with Greeks abroad, particularly with those of the United States which he has visited systematically. A great supporter for voting rights for Greeks abroad from their place of residence, he has also been active with the Arcadian committee which has links to Greeks in the US, Australia and Canada.

He is married to Dr Chrysa Saldari and they have a son and a daughter.