The name Vassy has come to be among the most well-known within the Electric Dance Music (EDM) industry.

After a series of successful of collaborations with worldwide performers and DJ’s, such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Afrojack and Pitbull that have taken her hits straight to the top of the US Dance charts, the talented artist took a small break this year in order to pursue her personal ambition of finding success in the pop genre.

But as she tells Neos Kosmos, she’s now ready to make her comeback.

Her latest single, titled ‘Trouble’ has already climbed to the Top-5 of the Billboard Dance charts and the US Radio charts.

Yet her work ethic, which is something she claims to have inherited from her late father, doesn’t allow her to be content with just that.

“Hopefully we can hit number one within the next week or two,” she says when asked about her single’s rise to success.

The inspiring artist claims that she owes her success to the work ethic she inherited from her late father. Photo: Supplied

Speaking about the pop industry and her own personal dreams, Vassy tells it like it is: “It’s a really tough market. You’re up against the Selena Gomezes and the Taylor Swifts. You need to have a lot of money if you’re going to survive.”

At the same time, there’s a sense of pride in her efforts to make it in the industry.

“I had a big collaboration with David Guetta, it did really well! My last record crossed over to the Top 40 on the pop radio in the US. My song was playing in between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.”

But the multi-talented artist’s ambitions don’t end there. “I also want to perform around the world on a more regular basis. Obviously I want to win a Grammy, since I was once nominated but I never actually won.”

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Despite her wide ambitions and dreams, she remains humble and never forgets her beginnings. “Sometimes I sit back and I think: ‘I’m just a girl from Darwin, I grew up in a Greek family, my parents were migrants, then I came here, I didn’t know anyone and did all this on my own.’ A lot of Americans haven’t even done nearly as much so I should consider myself lucky, but you always need that next thing to keep you going.”

Vassy explains to us about the different direction her career took this year and gives some insight on her plans for the upcoming one, which are already quite far ahead.

“Basically my goal for now is for this record to reach its peak. Then I want to finish up with my next album for the new year. I hope to put out something in February and I think the target is to get back into collaborations with the DJ’s, since I’m very well known in the EDM industry. I want to reconnect a bit with my fans because I went a bit more pop this year, so I want to make them happy. I’m also going to start doing more shows as I took a break from all that this year to indulge myself.”

Vassy’s new single, titled “Trouble”, has quickly risen to the top of the US Dance and Billboard charts. Photo: Supplied

Loving Greece

When asked about Greece and how often she visits, Vassy shows enthusiasm and calls the country one of her “favourite places in the world!”

“I go there every year in the summer. I like to see different areas each time, since I feel there’s so much of it to see and I haven’t explored it yet.”

Vassy also says she would love to come to Melbourne for a show someday, yet she feels there wouldn’t be much interest on behalf of the Greek community.

“I’d love to come over! But someone would have to bring me. I think a lot of members of the community don’t talk about me on a regular basis because I don’t sing in Greek. But the truth is that I am a very proud Greek Australian and I’m embraced by the community in Los Angeles. Most of my friends are Greek so I have it in me, since my parents migrated to Darwin a long time ago.”

Vassy sends her own message towards the younger Greek-Australians, encouraging them to reach out for their dreams:

“I get a lot of Greeks coming up to me and asking ‘how did you make it this far? my dad won’t even let me move!” And they’re guys and I’m a girl! It was a lot harder for me since my parents were ‘old-school’, I grew up in a really strict environment. But if you have a dream and you believe in yourself and think you’ve got something special, you can have a lot of success in this line of work. So I want my story to inspire other young Greek-Australians out there who are trying to do their own thing. I feel like Greeks who are in the position that I was, born and raised in Australia, are in a good place. But they have to put in the work.”

As her closing message, Vassy makes special mention to her late father and the influence he had in her life:

“He died a long time ago. We lost him to cancer unfortunately. He never got to hear me sing, my career took off after his death. So when he passed away I gave my word that I would go back to school and get my degree in architecture, which I did. I carry on his legacy in my own field and it’s his work ethic that I continue to put in my every day life. So that’s the one thing that I keep dear to me as a proud Greek-Australian.”