Greek company PPC Renewables SA, which is part of the PPC SA (Ath:PPC)  has signed a memorandum of agreement with United Arab Emirates and Finnish consortium Masdar Taaleri Generaltion DOO (MTG) to develop in partnership a 300MW wind and solar project in Greece.

The project, says Renewables Now, is is in line with Greek government targets to generate 27 percent of all power by renewable technology by 2030. MTG is a joint venture between Masdar, an Abu Dhabi renewable energy company, and Finnish wind and solar developer Taaleri Energia Ltd to develop renewable energy projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

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PPC Renewables is also seeking permits from Greece’s Regulatory Authority for Energy to develop 1.5GW of solar power capacity at its former lignite fields in western Macedonia and in Megalopoli in the Peloponnese. The company is also talking to other Greek and foreign companies to develop its projects.

Meanwhile, British company Cubico Sustainable Investments is set to take a role in Greece’s renewable energy industry after it signed an a deal to take over the company that runs Kitheronas  windfarm in Central Greece.

Kitheronas, a 21 MW windfarm that has been in operation since 2015, is managed by K-Wind Kitheronas Energy SA under Intracom Holdings SA which is based in Athens. Cubico expects to take over Kitheronas within the next three months. At the same time plans to build a 12MW extension to the windfarm are set to go ahead.