Turkish hackers last week claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on Greek government sites, including those of the Greek National Intelligence Services (EYP), Greek Parliament, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Greek Ministry of Finance among others.

Turkish hackers Anka Neferler said these were in retaliation to the Greek government’s stance on the Turkish agreement with Libya. Greek officials confirmed the attacks and said that measures would be taken to prevent similar ones in the future.

Within 12 hours, a Greek group known as Anonymous Greece retaliated with cyber attacks on a number of Turkish websites. “As the Turks hit yesterday, so did we the day after in response. Let it be known that the attacks have just begun. For every new attack, we will be posting a new article,” the group wrote on their website.

List of Turkish websites that have so far been hacked:

1. 112 emergency call number and email service

2. Sabah email service

3. Hurricane email Service

4. Turkish Police (EGM) email service

5. Saglik email service

6. Economy Ministry email service

8. Enerji email service

9. SIP-VOIP of Turkish Energy

10. MIT email service

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Greek government sources said that the hackers had attempted the so-called DOS attack which would have caused a “mass invasion” of sites, however Greek authorities unplugged servers to avoid damage. Attackers were unable to steal data or post messages, however the Greek Parliament website was overloaded and went offline.

The investigation into the hacks is ongoing, and despite the Turkish group’s claims to be behind the hacks there has been no data to indicate their involvement so far.

The investigation is ongoing.

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