Greece has sent a verbal note of protest to North Macedonia following a photograph featuring the country’s Labor Minister Rashela Mizrahi in front of a plaque bearing the country’s old name “Republic of Macedonia”.

The use of the name by the VMRO-DPMNE minister, who had opposed the Prepes Agreement, is in breach of the international treaty.

Ms Mizrahi – a member of the technical government elected on 3 January – said that she was merely correcting a “historical injustice”. However, North Macedonia Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov said Ms Mizrahi was in violation of the Constitution by violating the Prespes Agreement and caused problems with Greece as well as for the country’s strategic goals regarding EU and NATO membership.

Mr Dimtrov called for the dismissal of Ms Mizrahi unless she immediately aligns her actions to the Constitutions.

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“The state will not allow such infantry. The Ministry of Labor is not her private apartment, as the Constitution is no ordinary piece of paper. The Minister may not like the Constitution or the Prespa Agreement, but that does not give her the right not to apply them. Board of the Ministry of Labour is public and no one can change it,” Mr Dimitrov said.