Greece is on high alert following the first coronavirus case documented in the country.

A Greek woman, aged 38, in Thessaloniki is being closely treated at AHEPA hospital after being diagnosed with the virus.

Greek media reports state that she had returned to Greece from Milan, Italy, by plane on 23 February.

Greek health representative Sotiris Tsiodras told the press that the woman is in “good health and is being monitored by a team of exceptional colleagues in Thessaloniki”. Authorities have placed 10-15 people the patient had come into close proximity with in quarantine and are seeking more people the woman has come into contact with in order to isolate them.

Greek Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias confirmed the case. “It was something we expected. We are fully prepared. There is no reason to panic,” he wrote on Twitter.

Later, he told reporters that passengers and crew members from her flight were also being monitored.

One Thessaloniki school has closed down following the confirmation of the case, without further details being given regarding this. As yet, there are no travel restrictions to Italy have been introduced despite 370 cases and 12 deaths having been reported.

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Coronavirus causes respiratory symptoms similar to a cold or flu and spreads between people in droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Authorities on Tuesday had unveiled a contingency plan for Greece which includes school closures, stopping public gatherings and suspension of public transport in the event of a health emergency.

Greece attracts more than 30 million foreign tourists per annum, there are fears regarding what coronavirus will mean for the country.

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