The Church of Greece’s governing body will not stop communion even though it has been identified as a risk for spreading the coronavirus.

Priests of the Greek Orthodox Church have been instead instructed to pray against the spread of the disease.

The central church body said in a statement on Monday that the sacrament of communion is an “act of love” that conquers fear. The church will print and distribute leaflets for parishioners detailing precautions they can take against the spread of the virus and priests were urged to conduct special prayers during services on Sunday to stop the spread of the disease.

Communion, however, will go on “in the certainty that we commune with life and immortality”.

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Though now retired, the controversial Greek Orthodox bishop Amvrosios made a comment regarding coronavirus and the “absolute” medication against the spread of the illness – a small spray container full of Holy Water.

He claimed that this is “eternal and indefinable” protection during a pre-Easter mass service where he addressed parishioners.

“The holy water is a medicine and saves us from everything,” he said.