Greek cardiologist Komnenos Gambras from Xanthi, northeastern Greece, and self-taught computer engineer Anestis Papachristou created a voluntary group of seven people to make plastic masks using 3D printer technology for medical and nursing staff working at the city’s hospital.

The team has already created 30 masks using state-of-the-art technology and another 100 are on the way to help protect the health staff from coronavirus.

State-of-the-art technology and as much as two- to- six hours of hard work are required to create a 3D print mask, depending on the type of printer used. The creation of twenty masks require one kilo of plastic.

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“First, we found an approved design for this type of mask, which was posted on a Czech health site,” Dr Gabras told the Athens Macedonian News Agency. “When this plan got the relevant approval of the Greek health ministry, we started producing masks.”