Two weeks ago Martha Tsamis and her staff were busy running a number of night clubs in Melbourne. Then Covid-19 and social distancing hit the scene and the hospitality industry became a hospital case.

The clubs closed and all that MsTsamis and her staff could do was focus on looking after  their immediate family and make sure that they had all the right equipment and practices to keep safe from the dreaded virus.

“At first it was making sure that our parents understood that they could not sneak out of the house to visit the neighbour – like we used to do to them when we were younger. And then it was to ensure that they sanitise and disinfect everything and that they avoid physical contact with other people,” said MsTsamis.

She soon found that there were major problems in finding the correct products gear for combating the virus – surgical masks, gloves, sanitising fluids. Ms Tsamis found that she could do something to make sure these items get to the community. In two short weeks.

“Initially we just gave everything we came across to our immediate families.. My staff were concerned about their next source of income and we decided to roll out this model in a bigger way to the community.

So the crew of six have been putting together packs that have been posted or delivered to customers that have included pharmacies.

“All six of my managers are still employed have not been stood down. This is a way of everyone being able to subside a little of their income.

“One person designed the artwork and did the marketing. Another takes down and organises the orders and contacts clients. Then three are doing the deliveries and one is researching, sourcing the items to sell.

“We have chain of people who are multi-tasking and job sharing,” she said. ”We have basically come up with a model that everyone is happy with. We are not forcing anyone to buy. We are accessing limited goods, if people interested they can give us a call.”

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The team has produced a range of kits which they have already sold in their hundreds.

“People need massive quantities and you also need to make sure you get them the right things, not backyard stuff Not backyard stuff  but the medically correct sanitisers, face masks, gloves, face shields, shoe covers, thermometers – these are the things that people are asking for.

“We come from marketing backgrounds, know how to put a product together. We have just reshifted our focus into what is required today. And that is getting this type of supply to the community.

“Were we really selling drinks two weeks ago? Where we really getting people to dance? The world has turned upside down,” said Ms Tsamis.

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