Oakleigh Greek shops were doing their best this morning in the face of crippling trading restrictions due to the coronavirus crisis.
Nonetheless they made the most of a bad situation by playing Greek music and displaying Easter food and candles for sale.

Neos Kosmos visited Oakleigh shopping centre, including the famous Greek precinct at Eaton Mall, today, Monday 6 April, between 9.30 and 10.30am.

Kentro had a street display of Easter food and decorative candles for sale, while iconic Greek shop Caras, in neighbouring Chester St, had plenty of candles for sale, too.

Eatery, Meat Me and Caras maintained a jovial Greek atmosphere despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

And it seemed to work.

“Pame Ellada fetos? (Are we going to Greece this year?)” Neos Kosmos heard one shopper ask another.

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There was no reply.

Greek Easter is next week.

Reader Dora Houpi shared this photo compilation of the sites and people at Oakleigh.

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