Founder and director of WhatBox Creative Andrew Price wants to bring his award winning mural painting talents to the Greek precinct of Oakleigh.

Andrew had stumbled upon the graffiti filled wall on the corner of Hanover and Portman streets whilst on a walk in the area and was inspired to “help to prevent the meaningless graffiti that degrades the area and does nothing to fuel the soul or engender pride in the Oakleigh community.”

Andrew told Neos Kosmos that he hopes that the mural can breathe some new life upon an area which has been impacted by coronavirus situation.

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The proposed mural wall currently looks like this in Oakleigh Photo: WhatBox Creative

“I had thought that there was this fantastic atmosphere and mall full of life and vibrancy, of businesses and restaurants and families. And passers by are reminded that there is something special back there,” says Andrew.

The current design is a depiction of a bustling Eaton Mall which he hopes will “instil a sense of what the Oakleigh Precinct is about; family, friends, food, and community.”

Although the property is privately owned, Monash Council Mayor Stuart James says council would be in support of a mural.

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“Council supports the creation of the murals as it helps prevent graffiti. Those who tag or graffiti buildings often respect the work of street artists and will not tag or graffiti their work. Many of the street art projects in Monash have also been supported by State Government funding to assist in crime prevention and to improve the amenity of neighbourhoods,” say Mr James.

A planning application has also been submitted to council to develop a five-storey building with 15 apartments and two shop spaces where the mural is proposed to be painted.

Managing agent of the property Con Kaimakamis was not available for comment at the time of publication.

Andrew is currently asking the community of residents and visitors of Oakleigh for their interest in the mural and as the project progresses there may be conversations about whether they would like particular figures and business of the community showcased.

You can have your say on the initial design concept and leave your feedback in the comments section here.