Every week, Neos Kosmos will be getting in touch with stakeholders in the Greek community to find out how the coronavirus crisis has affected their lives.

Greek Community of Melbourne President Bill Papastergiadis answered our questions to describe his life in lockdown.

What are you reading?

Journals are a favourite of mine at the moment.  I find it is a good time to catch up on journals I previously had little time to enjoy.  My reading now includes journals on public health, science, sport and the environment. Surprisingly, I now have much more time to devote to reading Greek newspapers.  My Greek language skills have improved … albeit from a very low base!!!

What are you watching?

I am a fan of European film.  The French produce exquisite narratives which I become totally immersed in such as Spiral series and many others.   I have also become a fan of Israeli series having watched Fauda, When Heroes Fly, False Flag and many others.  They too are well scripted and acted.

What music are you listening to?

I am a fan of Greek radio stations here and in Greece.  Talk back dominates Greek radio, which I enjoy  (Greeks love to breakdown one topic into a 2-hour talkathon).

What are you cooking?

My son Lee is cooking egg toasties for lunch.  I can’t complain.

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Bill, surfing with his kids.

How are you staying fit?

We have had to give up surfing and tennis with my kids (Eleni and Lee).  Instead we now bike ride through Melbourne’s inner suburbs.  Its given us an opportunity to examine the architecture at a slower pace.  We also thoroughly enjoy the absence of cars

What is keeping you sane at the moment?

My friends and family and the millions of conspiracy theories I have heard!!!!

What is work like for you now?

I attend my law office everyday but without the suit and tie.  However, 90 per cent of the office now works from home.  I am old school.

What’s something positive you’ve witnessed or experienced since COVID-19 entered our lives?

I am pleased to see so many people remain positive in this crisis.  I am finding most people are resilient and optimistic even though many are profoundly affected.

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What have you learned about yourself amid the crisis?

How much I enjoyed my previous life and that this crisis will help me to better appreciate what I had.

What’s your advice for others to cope with the crisis?

Stay connected with your friends and family.  It is the strength of our relationships that will define how well we exit this crisis.

Next week: Author Dmetri Kakmis