An online seminar (a.k.a. webinar) regarding the course of theatre throughout the ages was held last Monday afternoon by the Macquarie University Greek Association (MUGA) and the ‘Lysicrates’ Foundation.

The webinar covered the ancient Greek values and how theatre has evolved from those days to the modern period and was over an hour long. It was broadcast on the MUGA official Facebook page with over 1,000 people tuning in to watch this highly interesting conversation.

The host of the presentation of Professor of ancient and classic history Peter Wilson, with Mr John Azaria also taking part in the debate.

The number of spectators that saw the event is more than satisfactory, considering this is one of the first attempts to hold a seminar in this type of fashion, as they usually take place in front of wide open university halls.

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However, due to the new circumstances created by the coronavirus, the organisers were forced to come up with new ideas so that the seminar would not be abandoned entirely.

Eventually, as proven by the numbers, their efforts bore fruit, with many people tuning in to see a highly interesting conversation regarding how time has transformed theatre, giving it the shape it now has.

It’s worth pointing out that the ‘Lysicrates’ Foundation is giving one lucky person the chance to win $1,000, just as long as they participate in the vote for this years ‘Lysicrates’ awards.

This year there are three participants and they are all from the field of comedy.