All those who keep a close eye on Victoria’s National Premier League will know that South Melbourne have one of Australia’s most promising young talents in their ranks.

Watching 20-year-old Gerry Sylaidos perform his “magic” on the left flank is a sight for sore eyes, as the talented player possesses the uncanny ability to hold on to the ball under pressure and create dangerous situations inside the opposing half, with his style of play closely reminiscent to that of another highly skilful Greek player, Olympiacos’ Kostas Fortounis.

Though Sylaidos does not know Fortounis, he has displayed interest in finding out more about him and is interested in visiting Greece, bearing in mind that he has never been to the country. With his grandfather hailing from Pyrgos and his grandmother from Lefkada, Sylaidos has heard about Greece’s natural beauties and hopes to experience these up close some day.

Neos Kosmos caught up with the young midfielder who spoke to us about how he got into football in the first place, his relationship with Greece and his goals with his team.

Photo: Supplied

When did you start playing football?

Must’ve been when I was four or five-years-old. My dad used to take me to the ground and we used to have a kick every now and again. Then I started playing for Brunswick City when I was six-years-old and things took their course from there.

What are some of the players that you look up to?

Messi, Hazard, Ronaldinho… All the players that know how to use the ball well and can dribble nicely.

What are your aspirations, which team would you like to play for in the future?

I just want to play professionally to be honest. If I could have the opportunity to play in a professional environment, then I think that’s all I could ask for!

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How has it (coronavirus) affected you as an NPL player?

It’s really difficult because obviously there’s no contact and we just found out the season starts on the 22nd (of July) and we’re not allowed to start contact (training) up to a week and a half before that. It’s just been hard on all of us because we don’t know which teams are playing, we don’t know who’s staying, who’s going, so yeah, it’s a bit hard. It has affected everyone I think.

What about South? What are your goals for the season, should it go on?

We have a pretty strong team, if have the opportunity to play a few more games – maybe not this year because of the situation – but I reckon we could finish first in the NPL and go on a good run in the FFA Cup. That would be the main priority for us I think.

But no matter how far South go in the years to come, it’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye on this young player as his talent holds great promise for a career that could expand way beyond Australia’s borders.