Mary Drost continues her efforts to return the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece from the British Museum by e-mail, this time to Stanley Johnson, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Ms Drost who was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for contributions to her community fighting against over development reminded Johnson that she received a response from Queen Elizabeth regarding the return of the Sculptures and suggested that he take action himself.

She wrote:

Some time ago I wrote to the Queen about it and received an answer stating there is nothing she can do. I know of course that her husband was a Greek prince and I am sure she views the matter with sympathy.

However, of course your son, the Prime Minister, is able to send the Marbles back to Greece. You know, of course, that the Greeks really want them back.
I can suggest that the copies they have in Athens can be sent to the British Museum and the actual ones sent back to Athens. Please take action, it will be great if you can do it.
Mary Drost

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Mr Johnson initially responded with a dose of dry British humour, noting among other things, “Would the Greeks agree? The copies are in much better condition than the original!”

Mr Johnson expressed his admiration for Drost’s insistence, but made it clear that he would not want to be involved, saying it was an intergovernmental issue.

Ms Drost’s intervention took place after the mobilisation of fellow countryman Steve Karakitsos.

Mr Karakitsos recalls approaching Ms Drost in 2019 asking her to write to the queen, promoting the request for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures on behalf of the Greek community after being informed about the issue by her Greek friends.

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Mr Karakitsos told Neos Kosmos that Ms Drost’s efforts continue and she is planning a big demonstration in front of the British Museum next year.