Maria Vasilakis, 81, recently celebrated her birthday in isolation, at St Basil’s Home for the Aged. A few days later, she tested positive for Coronavirus and within a week she passed away.

Her son, Spiros, spoke to Neos Kosmos about his deep grief but also his anger towards the nursing home for negligence. Spiros is adamant that if proper precautions had been taken his mother would still be alive.

“On 10 July, and while all staff members at St. Basil’s were supposed to be wearing protective gear, especially after a positive result within the facility, my mother celebrated her birthday. My sister filmed a video to send to her daughter in Greece and a staff member can be seen handing my mother flowers without gloves on,” he says.

Mr Vasilakis explains that the aged care facility’s residents had to cope with severe restrictions since March.

“Initially, we would go and see her from outside the window,” he adds.

“While there was much austerity towards the families of the residents, none of the staff members -who, mind you, still were in contact with the outside world- wore protective gear.”

Maria Vasilakis. Photo: Supplied

Commenting on conspiracy theories claiming coronavirus is a hoax, he says: “My mother had zero health issues apart from a lower back problem. That is the only reason she went to an aged care facility. Her heart, her blood pressure and everything else was normal. The virus exists and it’s highly aggressive. One day they told us she was okay and the other that she’s dying. We lost her incredibly quickly. Those supporting conspiracy theories are a danger to everyone’s health.”

Maria Vasilakis, who hailed from the island of Corfu will have a closed funeral ceremony.

“Our grief has become heavier due to the fact that her loved ones won’t be able to say goodbye. Only ten people at her funeral. We’re living an incredible tragedy,” he said.

Maria Vasilakis with her grandchildren. Photo: Supplied