The Navarino Challenge is back again for its eighth year this October from the 16th to 18th.

The award-winning sports tourism event will be presenting new sports activities and experiences for people of all ages from all over the world, in Messinia, Pylos and Costa Navarino.

The annual event honors the birthplace of world famous Olympic gold medallist Kostis Tsiklitiras, who was born in Pylos and will present the standing long jump activity for the first time, on Saturday October 17.

Gold medallist Kostis Tsiklitiras in Stockholm 1912 Photo: Pylos-Nestor Municipality

European long jump champion Miltos Tentoglou will be joined by his coach George Pomaski to provide people of all ages with an opportunity to try out their jumps and attempt to surpass Tsiklitiras’ world record of 3.47 metres.

“I am very excited about this event. Standing long jump was one of the most beautiful competitions and it is now considered as one of the best exercises to measure precise jumping. It is also a good opportunity for people to see and experience a real race whilst being entertained,” Mr Tentoglou said.

European long jump champion Miltos Tentoglou will be present in Navarino Challenge Photo

Mr Pomaski also noted the power of sport during trying time.

“Sports endured, stopped wars and rivalries, united continents and fought racism. Standing long jump is a very useful exercise for gymnastics, that we even use today, because it is an important indicator of the explosiveness of a jumper,” he said.

Kids swimming in Navarino Challenge Photo: Elias Lefas

The Pylos-Nestor Municipality also organised the Pylos Triathlon for Kids.

Children between the ages of 4-17 will be given the opportunity to run on beautiful routes, to swim in the picturesque port of Pylos with the background of the historic island of Sfaktiria and to ride a bike in the stunning Messinian small town.

Other events also include morning sea kayaking in the historic Sphacteria and a beach volley tournament.

Navarino Challenge Beach Volley Tournament Photo: Mike Tsolis

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