All’s quiet in Oakleigh’s famous Hellenic Precinct in Eaton Mall this lunchtime, proving recent photos criticising the mall’s busyness were misguided.

Neos Kosmos visited Oakleigh this lunchtime, between 11.45am and 12.15pm and took these two pictures. Each picture was taken at 11.50am, from opposite directions from the middle of the mall in Chester St.

The first picture taken is facing in the same direction as the Twitter picture taken on “Panagia’s”, last Saturday, 15 August. Today’s picture shows three people in the mall.

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The second picture facing the opposite direction, shows a total of seven people. Four of those are tradespeople in hi-viz jackets.

Neos Kosmos also saw the police patrolling the mall and surrounds, on foot and in the car. We saw all people complying with COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Oakleigh Police are stationed in the heart of Oakleigh’s shopping district, on the corner of Atherton and Warrigal roads. Atherton Rd runs parallel to Eaton Mall.