Clinical neuropsychologist Matthew Staios will be the special guest for the Iatest seminar of the Greek Australian Women and Friends Around the World Forum hosted by Food for Thought Network Inc.

The seminar, which will beheld online on 30 August, is entitled: Informed Lens Series – Dementia Latest Research & Tips for Carers  will be hosted by Mr Staios who will talk about Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia, a growing illness experienced by many families within the Greek community.

The seminar which will be introduced by Federal MP Maria Vamvakinou, will be held online through the online platform Zoom, from 5pm to 7pm on 30 August.

The founder of Food for Thought, Varvara Ioannou, said that women were twice as likely than men to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and were also more like to suffer from anxiety, depression, migraine brain injuries and stroke.

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“It is also women who make up two thirds of all the unpaid caregivers. In inadvertently or not women are drafted into fulltime caregiving roles. While juggling a life that often includes caring for young children and one’s own family, wives and daughters take on the arduous task of caring for a loved living with dementia, said Ms Ioannou.

The Greek Australian Women and Friends Around the World Forum  invites experts to discuss topics relevant to women. These are followed by discussions. The forum aims to provide the free exchange of personal histories, factual information, professional experience and collective wisdom.

♦ To take part in the seminar, it is essential to book through (BKVFY). For more information email Varvara Ioannou:

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