The European Council’s president German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz reiterated the European Union’s support of Greece and Cyprus as Turkey continues to raise tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ms Merkel underlined Germany’s support for dialogue to restart on the delineation of maritime borders between the two countries, a dialogue that continued until 2016. “From our point of view, it must restart, especially between Greece and Turkey,” she said, but expressed concern over recent escalation in the region.

Mr Kurz also backed Greece and Cyprus as EU members and called for the other member states to show a clear reaction to Turkey’s aggressive stance.

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The teleconference between the two leaders was held on Wednesday, ahead of the extraordinary meeting to examine matters concerning Turkey in September. During that meeting, EU relations with Turkey will be reviewed in depth.

Ms Merkel said the European Council was concerned with the escalation of tension in the Eastern Mediterranean and supported Greece and Cyprus in the sovereign territorial rights.