A love song dedicated to the beautiful island of Zakynthos was sent to us from Russian guitarist Andrew Doriane who has visited the Ionian islands every year since 2013.

“The summer is over and it was the first time in seven years that I couldn’t spend it in Zakynthos due to the quarantine,” Andrew Doriane told us referring to the song he wrote when he first encountered the beauty of the Ionian islands.

“My favourite place on Earth are the Ionian islands in Greece, Zakynthos and Kefalonia,” Andrew Doriane adds. These islands are “two diamonds in one crown” he says, reminiscing about all that beauty he has captured for his song.

The music video clip delivers a piece of Greek sunshine, deep blue seas and summer vibes.

“Between two hearts in Zante (Zakynthos Blue)” was a song written during Mr Doriane’s first visit to the beautiful island of Zakynthos where he says he was inspired by the lovely beaches, the blueness of the sea and a stunning girl he met there.

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“I love Greece and want to see as much of its beauty as possible,” Mr Doriane adds explaining that he follows websites devoted to Greece, its news, nature and culture. Neos Kosmos is amongst his favourite sources, as he finds that it offers invaluable information about “this wonderful country whose impact on world history is just enormous”.

Enjoy the upbeat rhythm of the summer song “Between two hearts in Zante” and the images from a Greek summer island that we all missed so much this year.