Victoria has recorded no new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours and no new deaths – the first such figures to have been reported since 9 June. Melbourne’s rolling 14-day average has fallen to 3.6 cases although there is concern over seven “mystery” cases reported in the city’s northern suburbs.

The mystery cases have led to a flurry of tests in the suburbs – 15,000 tests over the past six days – the results of which may further delay the longed-for easing of restrictions for the city.

In the state as a whole, the average has been steady at 0.2 and a further easing of restrictions will take effect on Wednesday, 28 October.

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Meanwhile, former Victorian health minister Jenny Mikakos has said that the rolling average for COVID-19 in Melbourne has been met and has added her voice to calls to speed the opening up of Melbourne.

In a message on Twitter Ms Mikakos said: 1. Critical thinking is allowed. We’re not the US. 2 I was an architect of the Roadmap. Public health won out. It’s worked. 3 We’ve met the rolling average. There could be a new outbreak next week. You can’t delay the opening up forever.”

While some of the responses to Ms Mikakos’ tweet showed support for her call, Tim Bell warned: “The rolling average is not the only criterion – there’s the number of mystery cases as well, and that target hasn’t been met.”