Delphi Bank General Manager Jim Sarris provides leadership to a team of more than 200 staff within Delphi Bank and Bendigo Bank. His teams partner with Australian businesses, peak groups representing industry and local government, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and non-for-profit organisations to help them and their communities prosper. As a Division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Delphi Bank is focused on sharing the Group’s vision of becoming the leading customer-connected bank by delivering value to clients and contributing to communities around Australia.

Jim was appointed as the Head of Delphi Bank in 2016 and became General Manager in 2019 and, as such, is responsible for driving strategy, profitability and performance excellence.

Following 20 years in the organisation and as one of the founding members, Jim has experience across most areas of the Bank’s business, previously serving as Head of Corporate Banking Australia. His ability to engage with our people and our communities is central to Delphi Bank’s successful growth strategy, enabling our Bank to stand apart and continue to grow. Jim continues to enjoy being part of a team that backs our people and our customers every day.

What have you been reading?
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. The book can be seen as a guide for anyone who wants to lead mindfully and live bravely it gives actionable tools for choosing courage over comfort.

What are you watching?
The Last Dance on Netflix which revolves around the career of Michal Jordan with a particular emphasis on his last season.

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What music are you listening to?
Greek Summer music

What are you cooking?
Slow roasted lamb. Just a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil onto the lamb. I add beef broth/stock and water into the pan cover then slow roast for 5 hours until tender and it falls apart.

What is keeping you sane at the moment?
Early morning walks

What is work like for you now?
An extremely busy time balancing a variety of activities to better support our staff and customers.

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What’s something positive you’ve witnessed or experienced since COVID-19 entered our lives?
Spending more time with my children as I have been working from home since March of this year