The Board of Directors of PRONIA welfare organisation unanimously elected Kris Pavlidis to the position of President at its December meeting.

The election of Office Bearers followed on from a successful Annual General Meeting held on the 26 November. Ms Pavlidis has served as Director on the PRONIA Board since 2016 and brings considerable executive experience and expertise to the Board. She has served in local government roles and non-government organisations addressing key issues of access, equity and multiculturalism.

Upon her election, Ms Pavlidis reiterated her commitment to the principles of PRONIA and her efforts to continue to strive for the best standard of care. “It is a privilege to be elected President of PRONIA and I thank my fellow Directors.  PRONIA is an iconic brand within the Greek and broader community mandated to serve the particular needs of our community. I look forward with gusto to leading the organisation and honouring its strong legacy. In doing so I acknowledge the outgoing President Nick Katris and previously Ivy Fatouros-Mimilidis, as well as the continuing Board Directors, for their remarkable dedication.  I’m delighted to welcome the newly elected Board Directors. It is indeed an exciting period for PRONIA,” she said.

She told Neos Kosmos, “I look forward to advancing the strategic advocacy vision and potential for PRONIA together with the expertise of my fellow board directors and the talented staff. PRONIA is in a strong position to continue the outstanding work which it’s 50 year legacy is built upon. As the migration and settlement needs of our parents generation have driven the inception of PRONIA, it is our incumbent duty to continue the evolution and ensure that we remain relevant to the needs of the Greek community. That’s why we are here!”

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PRONIA has been served well by the outgoing President Nicholas Katris, who after 25 years of service has retired from the PRONIA Board. Mr Katris first joined the PRONIA Board in 1995 and has remained active and committed to the vision of the organisation.

“I strongly believe 2021 to be another great year for PRONIA. The group will continue to grow and develop its services in Melbourne and expand into Regional Victoria over the coming years. Future plans to add and expand their Child Care Centre to include office space for staff and the most recent Larger Building Acquisition as a new Head Office base in the Eastern Suburbs will become a reality in 2021, to allow growth and expansion for years to come,” Mr Katris said in a statement to Neos Kosmos.

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“I have actively served in different organisations for many years but at Pronia I have had both the opportunity and honour to serve in my own community and have been very proud and humbled to do so. I have been afforded many opportunities, gained much pleasure in meeting many notable people at PRONIA and in the wider community. I have formed many friendships that will last for years to come. I sincerely thank PRONIA for this and many other highlights over the last 25 years.”