The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia is pleased to announce a new vision for the Archdiocesan site at Cleveland Street, Redfern.

This vision is to be realised through a comprehensive, long-term master plan, which aims to reposition the Archdiocese at the core of the Greek Australian community.

The proposal includes upgrades to the infrastructure of St Andrew’s Theological College. A new page will open for this accredited tertiary institution, with plans to enrich the curriculum to include the Greek language.

The proposal also includes the creation of a Library and Museum, with religious and cultural exhibits that reflect upon Greek Australian heritage and the history of Greek immigration.

The full proposal consists of five stages and is to be realised over the course of two decades with a total budget of approximately $27 million.

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The first stage envisages the careful restoration and refurbishment of the historic Cathedral of the Annunciation of our Lady, designed by famous Colonial architect, Edmund Blackett, at a cost of around $2 million.

Later stages include the reconstruction of facilities which house St Andrew’s Theological College and the administrative departments of the Archdiocese, with provision for the creation of the Library and Museum.

The Honorary Secretary and Trustee of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Consolidated Trust, Nicholas Pappas said the masterplan was an ambitious and long-term project that will ultimately enable the Church to better-connect and engage with the Greek Australian and broader Australian community.

“The proposal is necessary not only to repair ageing and deteriorating infrastructure of the Archdiocese but will also improve functionality and ensure the Archdiocese’s facilities meet the needs of our community,” Mr Pappas said.

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The proposal is designed by award-winning Greek Australian architect, Angelo Candalepas.

Mr Candalepas said the plan fulfils the Archdiocese’s duty as custodian of an important site.

“It will ensure that this site and its surrounding areas will be here for many generations to come,” Mr Candalepas said. “The buildings are cultural landmarks and have the power to bring communities closer together”.

Dr Philip Kariatlis, Sub-Dean of St Andrew’s Theological College said the new facilities would enable the College to expand and enrich its curriculum to include associated disciplines such as counselling and courses in the Greek language.

“The College has a diverse cohort of women and men who seek to deepen their understanding of theology and faith through undergraduate and post-graduate studies, and this new masterplan reinforces the role that our Church will have in deepening that learning for future generations,” Dr Kariatlis said.

The masterplan is the vision of the Archbishop Makarios of Australia.

“The Archdiocese constitutes a sacred space and is at the epicentre of the Greek Orthodox presence in Australia,” Archbishop Makarios said.

“The newly created facilities will bring us closer together, and most importantly, will enable our young people to have their own space within the Archdiocese and our Theological College.”

Archbishop Makarios said he hoped the plans would inspire all Greek Australians to develop and maintain a deeper connection to the Church, as well as to our ancestral culture, language and traditions.

The Archdiocese premises would stand amongst Sydney’s most iconic buildings and attract all interested citizens and researchers, irrespective of faith and origin.