The sense of loss of my dear friend Nondas and the inevitable grief that follows prompted me to write this short note as a contribution to the memory of his life, his work, and to his many voluntary contributions to society, be that in his own environment or elsewhere.

I received the news of his passing from friends and relatives who wasted no time to call me in Cyprus or to send me an email to tell me the sad news. It was indeed a very sad and totally unexpected news.

Any plans we had of meeting again in Cyprus on his next overseas trip, or of travelling to Greece to visit Vythos, his native village, came to a sudden end.

Many were the experiences which I had the good fortune to share with Nondas. My first acquaintance with him was at his “Cuba Now” photographic exhibition which was held at the Steps Gallery in Carlton.

I remember vividly, the magnificent collection of large photographs, in a gallery packed with visitors, all vying to get near the photographs to have a closer inspection of those impressive views from another country.

Many members of the Cuban community of Melbourne were there to honour this man who brought them these wonderful views of their country.

It must have been around 2006. The exhibition was a visual record of his three-month visit to Cuba. In addition to this inspiring collection of photos, Nondas spoke of his experiences in meeting the people of Cuba and of his voluntary work and fundraising activities in that country to raise money for the building of a primary school.

His Cuba project was one of many, which aimed to combat poverty and to help with his knowledge as architect, and town planner to improve social conditions, anywhere he happened to be.

Participation in several cultural events followed my acquaintance with Nondas.

Some that come to mind are art exhibitions, seminars, visits to galleries and social gatherings. His love of travel took him to many places, including his birthplace in Greece where he employed builders and technicians to restore the family home.

Right from the day we met, I knew he was a man of action, not just words. A man committed body and soul to the cause of social improvement, a cause that stayed with him right to the end.
May his life and work be an example to all of us.

To his family I offer my very sincere condolences. May his memory and his good name as an honest, friendly and hard-working man become an everlasting glow that eases the pain and brings comfort to all his family.