The countdown is on for the much-awaited release of ‘Man of God’ to cinemas.

Filmed in Greece, the movie depicts the life of Saint Nektarios of Aegina, who endured unjust hatred and was persecuted by the religious establishment, while preaching the Word of God.

Pure Flix/Quality Flix has picked up international sales rights for the religious drama, whose trailer reached audiences this week giving a taster of what to expect on the big screen.

Many Greeks Down Under have already reacted enthusiastically.

The international co-production Simeon Entertainment and View Master Films is written and directed by Yelena Popovic. It was made in association with he Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi, St. Maxim The Greek Institute and The Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia, among others.

The cast is portrayed as one of its greatest strengths and for good reasons.

The protagonist role is taken by Aris Servetalis, the Greek actor whose popularity rose after sitcom ‘Eisai to tairi mou’ where he played Lazaros.

Photo: Man of God/Facebook

He is joined by highly acclaimed Russian Alexander Petrov, who plays a close assistant of the Saint, legendary US actor Mickey Rourke in a guest star role and other prominent Greek actors.

Creators aspire for the movie to “awaken the paralyzed faith in audiences around the world.”

One of the most widely known of Greek Orthodox Saints, the Metropolitan of Pentapolis is often referred to as St Nektarios the wonder-worker, using even his last moment on earth to help others.

“A priest of the common people, his humility annoyed the prideful orthodox clergy, his devotion aroused their suspicions, and they slandered him. Despite being stripped of his church and exiled from Egypt and the parishioners who loved him, Nektarios let his faith in God be his best defense,” the film creators say.

“In the lives of the saints, we find strength. Their struggles mirror our own, and their triumphs over human weakness give us hope. Such is the subject of our faith-based film, MAN OF GOD.”

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