The brutal torture of a young British mum, who was murdered in front of her baby, in her own Athens home has rocked Greece.

An arrest was made on Sunday after a Georgian man came to the attention of Bulgarian authorities as he tried to cross the border at the north-eastern town of Evros in an effort to leave Greece on a fake passport, reports The Metro.

The man is believed to have been involved in the home invasion which resulted in the murder of mum Caroline Crouch, aged 20, who was tortured and eventually strangled.

Her 32-year-old Greek husband Charalambos Anagnostopoulos had also been tied up while his wife was beaten and the life of his toddler was threatened. The family dog was also allegedly hung to die, strangled by its own leash, allege police.

Mr Anagnostopoulos, a pilot, is believed to have caught a glimpse of one of the men involved in the invasion, and describes him as dark-skinned, overweight and less than 30 years old. He will be shown mug shots by the police, including that of the Georgian man arrested at the murder in the hope that he will be able to identify the man. Mr Anagnostopoulos ahs already identified two of the guns used by the robbers which were a silver colt and black pistol, according to the man.

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Police report that a similar home invasion had occurred just four days prior to the fatal incident, just 20 minutes from Caroline’s home.

In the previous invasion, an elderly couple and their cleaner were bound and ganged, as men who invaded their house stole their belongings.

DNA evidence puts the man at the scene of the burglary which is believed to have been tied to the murder of the British mum given the fact that both burglaries had the same modus operandi.