In the Byzantine church of Porta Panagia, a few kilometers outside the city of Trikala, a beautiful wedding took place transporting the bridegroom and their guests back to 1821.

Wanting to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, bride Arianna and groom Apostolos Costarellos, along with their best men and friends Alkis Argyriou and Stefanos Polygenis, dressed in the authentic costumes of that time period.

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The groom, a boatman, observed the customs and traditions by starting the trek from his village, Gorgogiri, travelling on horseback for three hours to the church much like his ancestors would have done two centuries years ago.

The bride also made her way to the steps of the church in an ornate carriage from 1821.

Enjoy the video of their magical day uploaded by Up Stories, with shots reminiscent of a period film.