On May 19, the youth of the Pontic Educational and Cultural Association of Victoria (Akrites to Pontou) held a Candlelight Commemoration entitled “Keeping the Flame of Memory Alive” in remembrance of the Greek Pontic Genocide.

The evening began with a performance of a Makrin Kaite by Alex Moisin on the lyra. Stephanie Basdekis then recited a poem in Greek and then explained its meaning to the audience.

Peter Stefanidis, the president of the Federation of Pontian Associations Australia called on the youth to continue to be innovators and leaders within the Greek community in Australia.

The association welcomed its sister group to the event, the Assyrian Australian Social Development Club which was attended by senior member Sargon Marano. The relationship between the two communities has been strong in recent years.

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Stella Tsairi recounted a personal story to the audience and Demitra Lazarakis concluded the night with a poem. Everyone stood for a minute’s silence before the evening concluded.

“An important aspect of this event was that it was organised by youth and attended by youth. We are thankful for our passionate and dedicated youth who took the time and effort to make this possible. The new wave in the wider Greek community is all thanks to the younger people of this generation and generations to come,” said a spokesperson of the association.

Participants at the commemoration of the Greek Pontic Genocide organised by the Pontic Educational and Cultural Association of Victoria (Akrites tou Pontou) sang songs, recited poetry and personal stories. Photo: Supplied