Artemis and Shaun Barker are another couple who battled a multitude of issues before they could climb the steps of the church.

Last Saturday, 21 May, at Carlton’s St John’s Orthodox Church, about a year and a half after the original date and after two postponements the couple was able to seal the deal.

The bride’s father, Nikos Volos, shared that the couple was set to get married in February 2020.

One week before the wedding, the San Remo Ballroom had caught fire leading the newlyweds to postponement the event the first time.

“The children panicked, they started looking for a new place, they finally succeeded and the wedding was postponed to 9 May, 2020. But then the lockdown happened and the rest is a well-known story,” Mr Volos told Neos Kosmos.

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Artemis and Shaun Barker are finally married Photo: Supplied

With the hope of getting their magical day underway, they set their sights on the date towards the end of May 2021, but time still seemed to be frozen in place.

“We had the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses here at home for so many months and we saw them in the room and said: ‘Aman! When will the wedding take place?’,” Mr Volos said.

“Fortunately we caught up and did it before we were locked in again.”

Close to 200 relatives and friends came together to join the couple on their happy day.

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The groom’s 95-year-old grandfather addresses the couple during the reception Photo: Supplied

The bride’s parents, Nikos and Litsa Volos, both from beautiful Mytilene, made an impressive entrance that moved everyone, dancing the traditional sirto “Ta xyla”, a trademark of their island.

The groom’s 95-year-old grandfather brought smiles to the faces of the guests by saying that the bride “gives the best hugs”, whilst jokingly warning his grandson that if he were 70 years younger he would be “competition” .

The newlyweds made it just in the nick of time to their honeymoon in Cairns before Melbourne’s seven day snap-lockdown.

The bride’s parents, Nikos and Litsa Volos Photo: Supplied