A 34-year-old resident of Cairns, reportedly a Greek citizen on a working visa, was arrested last week over a series of alleged child exploitation offences.

The arrest led by the state’s specialist Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team (JACET) took place on Thursday 8 July, with the man, who was granted bail due to appear in court on 23 July.

As per the police media release the man has been charged with two counts of possessing child exploitation material and one count each of use a carriage service to transmit child abuse material, transmitted to himself child abuse material by using a carriage service, and possession of drug utensils.

His nationality appears to have leaked in mainstream media. Newspapers of the Newscorp group have reported the accused is a Greek national who had been living in Far North Queensland for a period of time while employed in the hospitality sector.

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The JACET team that led his arrest is comprised of members of the Australian Federal and the Queensland Police.

Detectives from the QPS Cairns Child Protection and Investigation Unit also partook in the investigation.

Queensland is the only Australian state with two geographically separate JACETs, the specialist units tasked with combating sexual exploitation of children across the state.