Maria Sakkari celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday with the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

The Committee, with the help of Chief Michalis Fysentzidis and Deputy Chief Iakovos Filippoussis, held a little surprise party for her.

The tennis champion was called to the Committee headquarters for an important issue, which at the time she didn’t know involved cake and candles.

When Sakkari clued in to what was happening, she was overcome with happiness and excitement.

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Maria Sakkari enjoying her birthday cake at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Photo: Supplied

Olympian shooter and Sakkari’s Olympic Village roommate Anna Korakaki was also present for the celebrations.

Everyone wished the 26-year-old a happy birthday with many successes. President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Spyros Kapralos also sent through his well wishes, but could not be present in person as he was watching the Stefanos Tsitsipas compete at that time.

“You know what my wish is. It’s a very special birthday for me. What you’ve done for me is incredibly special and I will remember it forever,” Sakkari said after thanking them all.

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